NO hassles, NO long term contract or commitment required, NO worries.

One time $25.00 non-refundable enrollment fee (per member - $50 for a couple and capped @ $75 for 3 or more family members) that is due at sign-up. This covers up to 60 minutes 1-On-1 with our Lead Trainer as part of EACH NEW member's Orientation. It is each member's responsibility to take advantage of this great opportunity and schedule their orienation with the Club. It's great way to jump start your training with us. Your annual enrollment fee also ensures your month-to-month club dues remain unchanged over the next 11 months. We take geat care to manage the overall capacity of the club ensuring you have access to the equipment and facility even during our busiest times. We give our members a say in how we manage your club and use your enrollment fees to keep your facility experience and equipment first rate and world class.

24/7 Club Membership Plans & Dues (Effective 02/01/2021) are subject to change without notice:

  • $50.00 / month-to-month - SINGLE (Individual)*
  • $65.00 / month-to-month - JOINT (Shared 2 person same residence)*
  • $80.00 / month-to-month - FAMILY (3-Shared plus $15.00 for each additional 3+)*

* Starting February 2021 "Open Gym" (Non Peak) Membership plans include 24/7 weekend access & Non Peak Weekday Access (10a-2p & 8p-4a) $25.00 / month-to-month with a one time $25 Enrollment fee due at sign-up.

For those who are interested we offer One-On-One Personal Training Options - Prices Subject to Change without notice:

  • $50.00 / 30-minute Session* -- Non Member Rate / Subject to Availability
  • $75.00 / 60-minute Session* -- Non Member Rate / Subject to Availability

  • MEMBER ONLY Personal Training Rates -- Effective: 02/01/2021
  • $35.00 / Half Hour Training Single Session*
  • $50.00 / 60-minute Training Single Session*
  • $350.00 / #10-Session* Personal Training PACKAGE* Pricing
  • $500.00 / #20-Session* Personal Training PACKAGE* Pricing

Small Group Training Session Options (#2 to #5 Attendees--Space is Limited). Sessions* vary in length: 30-45 minutes.

  • $25.00 / Single Session Drop In Non Member Rate / Subject to Availability
  • MEMBER ONLY Small Group Rates -- Effective: 04/01/2013
  • $20.00 / Single Session Pass / Subject to Availbility as Space is limited
  • $90.00 / #5 "Good Any Session" Bundle
  • $150.00 / #10 "Good Any Session" Bundle
  • $250.00 / #20 "Good Any Session" Bundle

Small Group Training Classes Include:

  • Anger Management: 45-minutes - fast paced Cardio Box / MMA themed class
  • Abs, Buns & Guns: 30-minutes - tone, tighten & focus challenging trouble spots
  • Spin, Core & More: 30-minutes - fat scorching cardio followed by "Core on the Floor"
  • XFit WOD 4U: 30-45 minutes - fast paced, functional strength training performed in a friendly competitive socially supportive environment

* Session prices, offerings & times are subject to change based on membership particpation & interest. Advance reservations are highly encouraged as spaces are reserved first come, first serve basis. Visit our Club or call for more info.

* ALL Sessions contemplate a brief warm-up, cool down and/or stretching within the time frames specified above. To make the most of your time with us come on time or early to warm up whenever possible. We require 24-hour advance notice to cancel any scheduled personal training session or small group class without penalty or charge. Session purchased as part of a Package or Bundle so not expire as long as you remain an active dues paying club member in good standing. All Package or Bundle sales are FINAL, are NOT transferrable or refundable. Failure to schedule or fully use any remaining sessions once you elect to cancel your club membership with us will NOT be sufficient reason for a refund once purchased.

* Our facility DOES NOT offer childcare services. Family or Couple Packages purchased require valid proof of same household residency. Corporate memberships (10 or more from the same employer) must show valid proof of current employment. Family Package memberships are limited to 2 adults & 2 dependent children (ages 16 & older).

Separate fees apply for Personal Training, One-on-One Afterhours Training Sessions, Small Group Training/Classes, Boot Camps & XFIT 4U Group Sessions. All member payments will be monthly made through electronic funds transfer (EFT), automated bank draft or credit card. Our club is a CASHLESS facility.

(30) Day written notice is REQUIRED to CANCEL payment via automatic EFT, bank draft or credit card. Members become immediately responsible for one final billing cycle (equal to one month club due plus any applicable access card deposit) following receipt of your WRITTEN request to CANCEL as part of the Notice Period. Any access card deposits billed may be refunded to the account on file following the return of ALL access cards provided following your last club visit or by the expiration of the notice period--whicever takes place first. Please note that each Club Member enjoys full access and membership rights and privileges during the Notice Period as long as they remain a Club Member in "good" standing during this "Notice Period".